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Barrel plating is considered as the best low cost economical bulk small articles plating process such as screws , rivets, nuts, etc. This completely eliminates racking and rack maintenance cost, ultimately reducing the cost of production. Fully immersed barrel can be used in any plating process except chrome plating. This unit is consisted by M. steel tank duly lined by as per customer specification. Fitted with gearbox & motor for suitable rotation consisting of perforated acrylic or PP made barrel complete with mechanical lifting system along with hopper, bus bar connection and weight.

Model Tank size Barrel Motor Capacity
Portable 8" x 4" Compact 3kg
1 26" x 24" x 18 " 10"x 12" ¼ HP 5kg
2 32" x 31" x 28" 18" x 12" ½ HP 15kg
3 42" x 31" x 28" 24" x 12" ½ HP 25kg
4 48" x 36" x 30" 30" x 16" 1 HP 50kg
5 52"x 38" x 30" 36" x 18" 1½ HP 100kg


Wagon for semi automatic plating process such as screws, rivets, nuts, etc. Plating barrel can move east & west, up & down lifting in the row of plating process tank by this unit. This unit is consisting by M.S channel & M.S sheeted body duly fitted with 2HP 440volt AC motor & reduction gearbox size depends on the clients specifications.


We offer a wide range of magnetic drive filter units, which are suitable for delivering general plating solutions. These units consist of motor driven polypropylene pump with a mechanical seal or a magnetic drive Pump without seal. Further, our range also comprises of the following

features :

Our range is mounted on a trolley for easy movement and is suitable for acid and alkaline solutions having temperature up to 70 degree centigrade.


We offer a wide range of electroplating rectifiers, which are used for converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). These are also used for anodizing, hydrogenation and many other electro chemical processes. Further, our range is used in metal finishing industries for the following processes:

Apart from this, the various types of electroplating rectifiers that we offer include DC rectifier, silicon rectifier, bridge rectifier, transformer rectifiers and others.


In achieving best water stain free bright finish in plating process electrically heated centrifugal dryer is very effective & provide the best and excellent bright finish of the job items. The unit is made of Cast Iron base and M.S sheeted body with 1½HP 440volt AC motor drying SS made basket along with brakes system , heaters


The unit is used after picking of hardware items, automobile parts needless, pins, spokes, rivets, screws, nuts, washers, etc. The unit is heavy duty horizontal placed polish machine made out of M.S sheet duly fitted with 440volt AC motor with V-belt driven for 35-40 RPM of the barrel. The unit is fitted with a ¼ HP vertical pump and heater to heat up the caustic base solution


Agitation in Bright (Ni /Acid Zinc / Acid Copper) plating solution is must as it frequently renewing the cathode film thus decreasing polarisation and obtain higher current density with finer grain and faster rate of deposition. The unit is a rotary blower filted with motor and mounted in an angular structure.

Model Air Pressure Motor Solu to Blow
MINI 1 Cu. Ft/Mi n. 1/4 HP 150 Lts.
MINI II 1/4 HP 350 Lts.
No. 36 9.5 2 HP 1500 Lts
No. 44 19.0 2 HP ½ HP
No. 59 69.0c 5 HP 5000 Lts


We have tanks like :

We manufacture an array of process tanks that are fabricated from superior quality stainless steel, mild steel, polypropylene, PVC sheeted and PPGL & FRP. The raw materials are tested thoroughly before being used for manufacturing process tanks. Made of mild steel, these process tanks are given lining with PPGL, PVC and FRP coatings. These tanks found their application in different electroplating and chemical industries to store any kind of chemicals. We offer our range of process tanks with a storage capacity of one liter or as per the clients' Vat is considered as the best low cost economical process in plating. This completely eliminates racking and rack maintenance cost and ultimately reduce the cost of production. This unit is made of PVC Sheet; with a undercoat of FRP Lining. The thickness and" size depends on the customer specification.

Storage Tank

We offer Storage Tank, a large vessel for storing industrial liquid items for the short- or long-term. You can use the liquid as require & refill the tank. Cylindrical in shape. This unit is made by PPGL & FRP and properly reinforced by Mild Structure with Scale, Ladder, Top Cover & Cleaning Facility. We produce various sizes of tank as required by the user.



The demand of heat chamber is growing day by day in plating industry. This unit is a better system for drying job items of various sizes & got advantages over centrifugal dryer like no vibration, no mechanical or electrical sound with auto cut system for temperature and time. The cores are made of M..S sheet/ steel sheet and steel tray fitted with nets or trolley fitted with hanger. The heat chambers are highly efficient and Steady enough to ensure smooth trouble free services.



This chamber produces sultry / corrosive and humid atmosphere by way of salt solution sprayed by way of mist through an air compressor and a specially made nozzle. The plated components are exposed to this corrosive atmosphere within the closed chamber. The effect of corrosion insteps on the metallic surfaces of the components and is noted in terms of hours. Corresponding set tables convert these salt spray test hours to the expected actual life of plated components.



Centrifugal Dryer machine